From Cutting Down Trees To Pruning: The Benefits of Regular Tree Work

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February 12, 2018
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From Cutting Down Trees To Pruning: The Benefits of Regular Tree Work

Cutting down trees is one of the only times you’ll ever do the right thing by chopping away at something on your property.

With regular trimming, cutting, sawing and removal work, you can keep the trees you do have in good condition, and remove others that are crowding them out.

But it can be a lot of work. And with that work comes a lot of opportunities to procrastinate. Because, unless you’re a very specific type of person, the chances are you’re not all that excited to slip on a tree climbing belt, lug a gassed up chainsaw up three stories and saw branches on your Saturday off.

That said, the benefits of this kind of work are enormous.

Find out more about the benefits of consistent tree maintenance, with us, today.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is the act of using a saw of any kind to chop off dead or weak branches from a tree that is still alive.

One of the interesting things we learn about this, as children, is that for all the chopping and removing of branches, this kind of work actually does a lot for the health of a tree. We improve their condition by removing branches that are dead or dying. This helps to prevent sickness from spreading, but also helps to promote growth in the branches left behind.

Not only that but, quite simply, removing these branches improves the overall appearance of the tree, as well its structure.

By trimming your trees, you also increase the overall surface area which makes contact with the sunlight. Given what we know about trees, plants, and photosynthesis, it’s not hard to see why this is important. Taking this a step further, you’ll also increase the sunlight exposure to the underlying landscape.

Tree pruning helps not only your trees but all of the vegetation in your garden.

Cutting Down Trees

Sometimes, the best kind of tree maintenance is just to cut your losses and, more importantly, cut down your tree.

Cutting down trees is a practical step towards holistic garden maintenance.

Trees, though beautiful, can cause problems with your property if they grow in the wrong way. Impacted foundation in your driveway or sidewalk results from a tree’s roots growing out and underneath the concrete. These roots, over weeks, months, and years can grow so solidly that they lift up brickworks and cement, cracking and bending it.

Uneven paving can be dangerous to little children and drivers. It’s also unsightly. It’s with this in mind that tree removal can be an unavoidable issue for a property owner.

Another benefit to having your tree removed is in creating a better view, unobstructed by trees. This is not only pleasant for those involved but also helps to improve your home’s curb appeal, for sales purposes.

Stump Removal

Tree stumps are a natural part of cutting down any tree. Left unmanaged, though, they can become an eyesore on any property, and play host to any number of bugs and plant life.

Stump removal is an important part of the process, and it’s never too late.

Removing these stumps helps to keep your garden safe, clearing it of obstructions and tripping hazards.

It’s also more environmentally friendly. By removing a stump, you remove a potential habitat for disease and unwanted bugs and plant life. A little-known fact about the stump grinding process is that the chopping creates a healthy mulch, which is perfect for landscaping.

Brush Clearing And Hedge Trimming

Maintaining the brushy areas on your property is very important. When you clear out this encroaching plantlife, the first and most obvious benefit is in increasing the amount of usable property you have to work with.

It’s also safer. Bushes and weeds are great homes for snakes, rodents, and other animals. Similarly, hedges, while attractive, can play host to any combination of turtles, foxes, rats, birds and vermin. By removing these habitats, you effectively take back your land and reduce the chances of an animal attack or the diseases that often come with these animals.

Discover The Benefits Of Consistent Tree Work

Not everyone gets a home or office property with a tree because they’re a die-hard arborist.

Some people just like the look of a tree, or its added value to their property.

Regardless of who you are, though, it’s important to remember that you get out what you put in. Regular maintenance, trimming, and cutting down trees will prolong the life of your tree, and make for a healthier, more attractive garden, overall.

Interested in learning more about tree maintenance services in Volusia County? Get in touch with us, today, and breathe new life into your trees.

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