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October 25, 2018
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Gypsy Moth Tree Damage

gypsy moth

Trees are often viewed as almost indestructible giants of the natural vegetation world. Their skyscraper lengths and multi-century lifespan make them seem like they almost have no weaknesses.

Would that this was true, however. Most people consider insects like moths annoying pests. A tree, however, would consider one more like an angel of death.

Today, we’ll be talking about the Gypsy Moth, known to completely kill off even hardwood trees.  While gypsy moths do not kill trees directly, their presence, however, will leave the tree completely vulnerable to infection and possible death.

Gypsy Moth

The damage a Gypsy Moth does has nothing to do with the adults of the species. Instead, this damage comes from their larvae. Gypsy Moths use trees as a nesting location for their offspring. Their larvae, once hatched, will climb to the top of the tree and begin feeding for nutrients to provide them enough sustenance to reach adulthood. The larvae will continue to defoliate the tree – no leaf is safe on the tree, as they eat every possible nutrient-filled leaf they can find.

When a tree has little to no leaves, it can no longer provide itself with the nutrients it needs to continue living. Photosynthesis completely stops as a result of this defoliation.

How To Prevent Gypsy Moth Infestations

Follow these few tips for your best shot at keeping gypsy moths out of your tree:

  1. Get rid of any garbage lying around your property. Gypsy Moths prefer a dark isolated area to inhabit. Their larvae feed on trees mostly during the night hours.
  2. Invest in burlap tree traps. Use safe pheromone strips to attract moths to the targeted area, and dispose of them once they are trapped in the burlap.
  3. Get rid of severely affected trees or shrubs around the area. Gypsy moths will target a vulnerable tree to lay their eggs. The softness of the dead tree’s bark will make it even easier for the larvae ingest.

If you have dead trees surrounding your home, don’t wait. Call Tree Worx at(386) 307-9217 for a professional tree removal service in the Volusia County and surrounding areas.

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