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Hanging Lights On Trees

hanging lights on trees

In many parts of the world, it is tradition to hang lights from your trees around the holidays. Here in Florida some of us like to do it all year round. We don’t really have the winter weather that defines the holiday season in other parts of the country. Instead, we have some form of summertime all 12 months of the year. Is that really all that safe? You might wonder if it is safe for the tree or for the lights. The answer is that it is perfectly safe for most trees. The reason we say that it might best not to decorate young trees or saplings.

Younger trees are still growing their branches and tend to be weaker than older trees. Once a tree is fully developed it is safe to hang lights on it all year round. Rather they are rope lights, Christmas tree styled lights or normal hanging lights. If you are concerned that a limb might seem to be lower than usual remove any lights from it. Let it grow a little more before putting them back on. If a limb is fully grown and the lights seem to be weighing it down it might mean there is an issue with the tree itself.

When it comes to selecting what kind of lights to hang from a tree LED is always best. LED is better at withstanding the elements than regular light bulbs. They are also more energy efficient so you get to light up the yard while saving money. They generate less heat as well so there is less worry about any unintentional fires starting. While honestly, the possibility was low, to begin with.

To make sure that your trees are ready to be decorated have a trusted arborist come inspect them. Get them a good pruning so they are healthy then start hanging lights. Contact Tree Worx today to get your trees inspected and pruned.

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