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October 9, 2018
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How To Identify Root Rot

root rot

Root rot is one of the most common ways a tree can die. Phytophthora root rot develops in the root crown of the plant, causing it to rot from beneath the soil. Phytophthora root rot occurs mainly when the roots of the plant stay wet for long periods of time.

root rot

Root rot can be extremely damaging in your trees. Learn more about it today, with another great article from Tree Worx.

How to Identify Root Rot

Leaves of the plant will seem dry as if it were in the fall season. They will sometimes, displaying dull green, red, yellow, or even purple colors as they wilt. Look out for the bark color, often times the bark will be darker around the soil line of the plant. Peel a section of the bark away from the tree to see the inside. If you see that the inside of the tree is red-brown in the wood your plant has likely become a victim of root rot.

The Phytophthora root rotting species will live in the soil for a large amount of time up to a few years granted that it maintains a warm and moist state. The species can spread through the soil as long as gardening tools. The species and even use splashing rain, irrigation water, or runoff water as transportation for the nearest root.

How To Prevent Root Rot

Follow these steps to find out how you can prevent your trees from root rot damage:

  1. Raise the planting soil. When you have received a plant from the nursery you, will not want to plant deeper than it has been initially planted. The Mound will additionally prevent and standing water and will aid in the proper water damage and movement from and to the roots.
  2. Remove the soil. You will want to remove any soil that has piled up over the crown of the plant. Remove and replace the soil and free up the space to leave the root flare visible.
  3. Improve Drainage of Water. When planting a plant you will want to make sure that water is going to move properly to and from the soil. Look out for pools of water around the roots.

If your tree has been severely damaged, visit Tree Worx to conduct a professional tree removal service. Removal will rid your property of any damage hazards.

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