How to Kill a Tree Stump That Keeps Growing Back

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July 25, 2018
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How to Kill a Tree Stump That Keeps Growing Back

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Tree stumps are such tricky things. You would think that cutting a tree down was the end of your problems. It’s only the beginning. When you cut down a tree or have it cut down for you, it leaves a stump. While it might look innocent enough it’s pure evil. Tree stumps create all kinds of issues for your property. These issues range from cosmetic to infestation to irritation.


These issues include:



  • Attracting Bugs




  • Tripping Hazard




  • Unappealing To The Eye




  • Cause New Trees To Grow



How Do You Get Rid Of A Stump?

The internet has a whole long list of home remedies for you. Some might be reliable, others not so much. One method that is tried and true is stump grinding.

Stump grinding is, as the name implies, grinding down a stump. Turning the remaining stump down into mulch. Stump grinding can be used on stumps up to six inches above the ground. It can burrow down and destroy 16 inches or more of stump under the ground. Most stumps only have to grind down to 16 inches. If the stump runs deeper, it can still get grinded through. By destroying the stump this way, you ensure no infestations can take hold. It also levels out the ground to remove tripping hazards. Once the grass regrows, it will be like it was never there.

Where Do I Get A Stump Grinder?

You can rent one from many companies. A tree company like Tree Worx will have one on hand. They will remove the top of the tree first. Then use their stump grinder to remove the stump. Saving you time, energy, and money. No learning to use heavy machinery or worrying about injury while using one.

Ready To Remove A Stump?

Contact Tree Worx today. Our company is licensed, insured, and ready to handle any tree job. Give your yard the treatment it deserves. Give it the Tree Worx Touch.

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