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September 30, 2018
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How To Prevent Tree Death

prevent tree death

Trees make for a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere for your home. The vibrant green visuals provide for a healthy and lavish looking home property. On the other hand, when trees become diseased, we lose out on these beautiful qualities. These trees will become hazardous and pose a severe risk of damage to your home if not trimmed or removed. This article will explain how to inspect and prevent tree death saving you thousands of dollars.

prevent tree death

Learn how to prevent tree death, with Tree Worx Florida.

How to Prevent Tree Death

Checking your property is very important, however preventing the death of your tress is considered to be the best solution.  With the proper care, a tree can live up to 200 years. Here a few ways you can prevent the death of your trees:

  1. Put a layer or new mulch once a year to reduce weeds and retain moisture.
  2. Cars parked under trees compact the soil. Compacted soil will lead to an unhealthy tree and damages.
  3. Only water new trees. The older ones are already accustomed to the current environment and are no longer in need of any additional support.
  4. Do not give an old tree new fertilizer.
  5. Over-pruning or trimming trees leave an opening for diseases to enter. Pruning should be left to the essentials, for instance, a hazardous branch hanging over a house.
  6. Remove any dead bark so the tree can begin to heal itself.
  7. Remove bugs from your tree in a healthy and safe manner.


Often it is best to let mother nature take the wheel and only assist her with the small things. Keeping a tree healthy requires minimal work and are very easy tasks.

If You Have a Dead Tree

If you have any dead trees around your home, contact Tree Worx today for your tree removal. Once a tree dies the only option is to remove it before it causes any damage.

For more on tree maintenance and removal, check out some of our other excellent blogs on the topic. For tree removal services in the Volusia County area, get in touch with Tree Worx, today!



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