Canopy Raising

There are a multitude of reasons to thin out a canopy. One being it allows more sunlight to reach your plants and grass. Everybody likes a nice lawn. Home owners want sunlight for their grass. Canopy raising can help benefit this. If done correctly. Another issue being, that it can create a better living environment. Mosquitoes in Volusia county are a major nuisance. If you would like to minimize this issue. Thinning the crown increases the airflow and sunlight around your home.  Thus decreasing a habitat for mosquitoes. Next issue is mold and mildew. These two are synonymous with shade and water. Thinning your tree line can help decrease this.

There are some facts related to pruning. We are arborists. We don’t just know these facts. We put them in application. For correct tree health. A tree service should not remove more than 25% of a trees foliage in one given setting. The reason for this is, a tree may not be able to transfer enough nutrients and produce food correctly. False promises of quick grass growth can lead to over thinning. The amount of branches to be removed is dependent upon the age of the tree.

Young Trees

As a rule of thumb. Roughly only 25 percent of a young trees foliage should be removed per season. With fruit trees, photosynthesis is important to a seasonal production. Thinning out the crown to allow additional light to the lower limbs will help increase this production. Precision tree trimming is important when practicing canopy raising. This will strengthen branches and dictate tree size. Soil is an important factor as well when analyzing a trees growth.

Middle-Aged Trees

Average thinning on a healthy middle aged tree is 20 percent. This does not apply to trees in poor health. If a tree is frail from weak soil or a lack of water it cam be damaged further. Air flow for these trees is important. For the trees health as well as your safety. Tree Worx knows how to properly thin the crown. This helps decrease the chance for branches breaking during high winds here in Florida. Especially during hurricane season.

Mature Trees

Full grown healthy mature trees can only have up to 15  percent foliage removal. Threat of death is stronger with trees of this age. Some trees cannot afford any canopy raising. If energy reserves are weak these trees may not overcome the harsh environment. Photosynthesizing foliage is critical with older trees. Experience is key with age. The same goes for trees. Our arboists at tree works love their job. They think of trees and whats in there interest when making decisions. They will be honest with the home owner on the best route.


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Tree Worx is licensed and insured and follows all city and county ordinances in Volusia County in regards to canopy raising. We acquire any necessary documents that will be needed in regards to any job. Contact Tree Worx today for a quote for canopy raising services at your property.

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