Precision Tree Trimming

A great tree company is a lot more than just hacking away at tree limbs. Our customer service is about total tree care. No matter the species of vegetation. We know exactly what to do. Precision tree trimming is crucial for healthy limbs. It encourages the correct and necessary growth. While creating a environment for your trees to flourish luxuriantly.

Part of our service includes precision tree pruning. If it has been years since you have had tree care. Please contact us immediately. When trees do not receive proper care. They can become a safety risk. Tree Worx will precisely trim your trees to increase safety. Then, not only has the risk been removed. Your landscape looks great. Safety will no longer be a issue. This will stand for quite a while.

Precision tree trimming and pruning is a horticultural technique. that alters the form and growth of a plant.  Tree Worx Tree Service will determine the type of trimming/pruning necessary to maintain or improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees.

Precision pruning techniques such as:

  • limbs that interfere with structures or utility lines
  • streets or sidewalks obstructed by tree limbs
  • weak, decayed or dead limbs that pose risk to injury
  • insect infested or diseased tree limbs
  • storm damage to trees
  • thinning – reducing wind resistance and increase lighter penetration


Additional precision techniques.

These can be utilized to improve a trees health. Maintain proper structure and growth in young trees. Guide the trees shape and form to reduce a chance for future damage by storms. We can inform you what services you may need and make recommendations.

  • Thinning – Crown density reduction. Precision trimming of selective branches.
  • Pruning palms – The removal of chlorotic fronds greater than a 45 degree angle.
  • Pollarding  – Precision heading cuts at specific locations. This is in relation to height.
  • Restore – Ecological restoration. Precision limb removal of a severely damaged tree.
  • Reduction – Correctly analyzing the removal, of certain branches, for the correct tree species.
  • Elevate – Increase the vertical clearance. by precision trimming, of selective branches.
  • Cleansing – Removal of broken, diseased or dead limbs.
  • Structure – Precision tree pruning of live  branches and stems. When they influence a structure.

Contact Tree Worx today. For all your tree service needs. We offer free estimates for your to compare to our competitors. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Best precision tree trimming services in Volusia County and surrounding areas.

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Tree Worx is licensed and insured. We follow all city and county ordinances in Volusia County. Our team, is versed in these ordinances as they relate to precision tree trimming services. We acquire any and all necessary documents. This will be done after estimates. Contact Tree Worx today and ask for a quote. Best prices in Volusia County.

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