Stump Removal

When a tree service company like Tree Worx comes to your home for stump removal, your satisfaction is priority number one. You needed the tree removed and we did a fantastic job. Yet, you still cant do anything with the land. Tree stump removal is an important part of a tree removal. Here in Volusia county we have a lot of trees around our home. They can be quite dangerous with the storms come through. This being said, nobody wants a tree stump blocking their yard!

So there are quite a few techniques. Many hazardous. Such as, Burning or chemical. Fire is an old fashion technique that works but the smoke can become a nuisance and drift tarnishing your property. Chemicals as it relates to stump removal. Can destroy the stump from the inside out. Some are approved for commercial use but still can be quite harsh and take time. In some cases large equipment can be used to remove it, such as a crane. When appropriate this technique can be extremely successful. But in some cases can damage the equipment can damage the surrounding landscape.

Stump Grinding

The safest and most reliable way to remove a tree stump is stump grinding. Here at Tree Worx we prefer stump grinding. This is because it is a quality alternative to dangerous removal procedures. Tree Worx has access to the highest quality stump grinders in New Smyrna Beach FL. One of the attractive benefits to tree stump removal is wood chips.


Contact Tree Worx today. For all your stump grinding services. We offer free estimates for your to compare to our competitors. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Tree Worx is licensed and insured. We follow all city and county ordinances in Volusia County. Our team, is versed in these ordinances as they relate to tree stump removal and grinding. We acquire any and all necessary documents. This will be done after your approved estimate.

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