Tree Trimming Services Available for the Daytona Beach, FL, Area

Tree Trimming is the cornerstone of a healthy tree . This is why home owners tend to hire a professional tree service to care for their trees. There are a lot of company’s with “landscaping” experience, however tree trimming can be risky and dangerous. Skilled arborists  know how to properly trim trees and if not done correctly your trees can become damaged and die. The average home owner may not know this and we feel it is important to inform them of the risks involved. While riding from job to job in Volusia county, its not an uncommon site to see homeowners on ladders attempting some tree trimming or pruning. Improper cuts and or removing too much of the canopy can potential harm your tree. Not to mention the terrible risk involved of getting hurt or worse. That is why here at Tree Worx we feel it is very important that you contact one of our certified tree specialists. We can help put together a plan of action on the best way to move forward with tree trimming on your property and keep your trees safe and healthy.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning can help the health of your trees in many ways. Correct tree pruning will provide strength to the tree, and will minimize pests and disease. The pruning will also create a clearing between your tree and structure. This will be enjoyed by all at your property. The art of tree pruning can alter sunlight or shade depending on the intended result. Your property’s aesthetics are another win of tree pruning. This is why it is in a homeowners interest to find an certified arborist, so you can discuss your future pruning. Remember you can potentially damage your trees if they are incorrectly pruned. Trees help with property value, so its always important to treat them with respect.

Tree Trimming Details:


Dead Limb Removal

This increases a trees health and also avoids potential damage to property and injuries to people.

Crown Thinning

Increases sunlight and penetration for vegetation.  Major benefits include reduced risk for damage to property during storms.


Reduces the potential for storm damage as well as diverting growth towards overhead obstacles.

Canopy Raising

Increases visibility which can help vegetation as well as exposing the trunk.

Vista Pruning

Keep your beautiful tree and allow the sun to shine.  This technique is specific for giving you a better view on your property.

Root Pruning

Roots will and do cause structural damage. Root pruning the removal of underground roots, are commonly performed at the beginning of construction. This will reduce damage to your tree and help eliminate structural damage caused by these roots down the road.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is the best route when the tree a tree is dead, dying, hazardous, obstructing, or a roadblock in the construction process. When our bucket truck cannot reach the tree, we have the best tree climbers in Volusia county and their expertise will remove any tree safely.


Tree Worx is licensed and insured and follows all city and county ordinances in Volusia County regarding tree removal. We acquire any necessary documents that will be needed in regards to any job. Contact Tree Worx today for a quote for tree removal at your property.

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