Three Top Reasons for Tree Removal (part 2)

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July 10, 2018
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Three Top Reasons for Tree Removal (part 2)

Tree Removal Services

Tree removal is an essential part of any tree’s lifespan. These majestic plants may take years or even decades to grow and take care of, and with luck and a bit of hard work, these plants will often outlast their owners by generations.

But the truth is, as with any living thing, trees become sick, develop infections, and die, eventually. It’s a natural part of their life cycle, and if you aren’t prompt about removing them, their decomposition could affect the other plants in your yard.

You’ve got to be proactive. Join us, today, as we bring you three more signs your tree is about to need a removal service.

Three Strong Reasons for Tree Removal

Mushroom Families Growing On The Tree’s Trunk

Root defects and problems are hard to spot because, well, roots grow underground. So, when you’re trying to assess the physical stability of your tree, you need to look for indicators around the roots. Families of mushrooms and fungi grow on the trunk, near the base, and are a strong indicator of an infection or sickness in the roots below.

When The Tree Becomes Hollow

When your tree trunk becomes hollow, this is not only a sign it needs to be removed, but also that it has become a hazard. Hollow trees are structurally unsound and could, theoretically, collapse at any time, potentially injuring people or animals nearby. If more than a third of your tree has rotted or developed a hollow trunk, the situation has developed past the point where it can be fixed and you’ll need tree removal services.

When The Tree Begins Leaning

Before we expan on this point, a short note: not all leaning trees are dangerous. Nature follows its own course, and a perfectly healthy tree could put too much weight on the soil around it, causing it to lean. In these cases, nothing is necessarily wrong, but a tree that begins leaning suddenly may certainly have a structural issue.

And Now You Know…

Tree removal is a big decision, especially given the amount of time it takes to grow and nurture a tree to its full potential. Still, it is important to recognize the reasons for tree removal. Hopefully, today’s article will help you get on top of this kind of removal before the situation becomes too serious.

For professional tree removal services in the Volusia County area, get in touch Tree Worx Florida today to take care of your problem efficiently, today!

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