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February 8, 2018
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Top 5 Reasons For Stump Removal

stump removal

There can be something oddy magical about stumps. it’s because you saw someone sit on one and read a book. It could also be because you have a whole shelf of fairy statues where they are sitting on one. Regardless of why you find them inviting you should know that some unwanted guests might feel the same. Bugs and insects love to call a nice decaying stump their home. That is one of many reasons why stump removal is important for your property.

Below we will go over the top 5 reasons why you should consider stump removal for your yard.

Infestations: As we mentioned a decaying stump is a five-star hotel to bugs and insects. There are plenty of places for them to hide in and the softwood means it’s easy to get cozy. Insects can spread from the stump to other trees or even the household.

Obstacles: Stumps pose obstacles in many ways. you are walking across the yard to check the mail. you’re tripping over a random stump and falling face first into the grass. your kid’s friends are coming across the yard to play and they fall face first. Either way, it’s not good once you get past the comedic part of it.

Ineffective Mowing Patterns: Regardless of how you frame it mowing the yard is a chore. Now it is even more of a chore because you have to maneuver around a stump. After moving around it you have to come back with a weedwhacker to get the fine details around it. It’s never fun to add to a workload.

Damaged Mowing Equipment: What if you don’t notice the stump or forget it’s there? It could cause some serious damage to your mower if you hit it the wrong way. Even if you hit it the right way it will still likely do some damage to the blades. The worst part is there is no one to blame but yourself for not getting it removed.

Property Value: Having eyesores on your property can lower its value. Especially if it needs special equipment to get rid of. When your property value goes down the value of the entire neighborhood goes with it. You want to be the friendly neighborhood friend or the neighbor everyone avoids?

Ready to get those unattractive and bothersome stumps out of your yard? Then it’s time to take action by calling Tree Worx today. We have the team and equipment to take a stump or an entire tree. Click Here or dial (386) 307-9217 to get started.

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