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August 6, 2018
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Tree Pruning: What Does It Actually Do?

tree pruning

Tree pruning is a thriving business (we don’t mind telling you), but to the uninitiated, it can seem a little mystical.

“Wait, so…we cut parts off the tree…to make a better tree?”

Maybe it’s because, as humans, we see amputation as losing something permanently. Not just with ourselves, either, but with the things we build. A builder can repair or rebuild a house, but when your window breaks, it feels broken forever.

But trees are different. Tree pruning is different. And today, we’ll be bringing you three reasons why pruning isn’t just a good idea, but kind of essential in your tree maintenance routine.

tree pruning

A closer look at tree pruning.

Promoting Tree Growth

Pruning is, as you’ve likely been told dozens of times, important to the growth of your tree. But what is it specifically that pruning does to make them grow stronger?

Trees grow stronger and, more specifically, more able to withstand bad weather, following a pruning. When you use the proper techniques, you make the roots stronger, resulting in a healthier tree and that can stand up to a storm.

As an additional benefit, pruned branches grow back stronger and quicker than before. Great for everybody!


As you might be able to guess, pruning a tree has another big benefit for the tree owner: it lets you change the way the tree looks. And, seeing as aesthetics are literally the reason many people plant trees in the first place, it seems like this is a pretty good way to get more out of your investment.

Cutting off dead limbs or sections of the tree with growths or mutated wood helps you revitalize your tree’s look. Much like grooming, pruning gives your tree a thought-out look, instead of letting nature take its course, which is often haphazard and possibly not in line with your yard.

Producing More Fruit

Trees that produce fruits of any sort have always and will always benefit from pruning. Removing dead limbs helps to promote better tree health, with the dead wood that promotes insect infestation and diseases being removed. In addition to this, the pruning process encourages spur growth, leading to fruit growth in the year after.

Tree Trimming: Now You Know

The benefits of tree pruning actually range way past the ones listed here, today. What’s important to keep in mind is that the act of pruning or trimming back leaves encourages growth. And there’s nothing better for getting the results you want from your tree than controlling the way it grows.

Are you looking for professional tree pruning services to help take back your yard? Get in touch with Tree Worx Florida, today, for the best tree services in Volusia County.

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