The Dangers Of Doing Your Own Tree Removal

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The Dangers Of Doing Your Own Tree Removal

tree removal

Your yard is the first part anybody ever sees of your home or office. It’s important to most people to keep it looking good. Moreover, it’s crucial to make it safe enough to walk through or park your car in without worrying. Thus, tree removal services – a safe, professional way to bring you closer to your ideal yard.

Still, with so much work involved, just picking up the phone to call a professional can seem intimidating. And why bother? You’ve got a bandsaw. You cut down a tree with your dad in high school. Maybe you think the whole process would be easier if you just handled it yourself.

As it turns out, you’d be entirely wrong.

Join us, today, as we look at four strong reasons to always call a professional tree removal service to clear out trees from your property.

tree removal

Tree Removal: Know The Risks

  • Power lines

    Power lines run into, around, and even through trees in all sorts of unexpected and unobtrusive ways. A tall oak that looks to be too far away from any dangerous lines might have exposed cabling running down its side or through its leaves.

    And before you go telling us “Well, my cabling is insulated, so I’ll be fine”, beware. The black wrapping around most power lines isn’t insulation at all – it’s weather-proofing. Its only job is to protect the line from water shorting it out. It will not protect you from electrocution.

  • Subpar Equipment

    This is a question of pride for most people, but the truth is unless you own and operate a tree removal business, you won’t have the right equipment for the job.

    Of course, that’s not just our opinion. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has strict tree removal gear standards. Namely, head-to-toe gear, all of which has to be a high standard. They are also trained in the safe use of chainsaws, ropes and cranes, wood chippers and other tree removal machinery. And while you might not think you need all of this stuff, there’s a reason it’s the standard – not using it is dangerous and not advised.

  • Decaying wood.

    A simple but very real concern during any tree felling or trimming project is rotting or dead wood. In spite of outward appearances, this kind of rot almost always starts from the inside out, meaning it’s practically invisible and very unstable.

    This is a concern even for professionals. As a result, tree teams will often use cranes, hoists and other equipment to avoid putting pressure on trees they are felling. They wouldn’t risk it, and neither should you. If you miss a rotting area before you start, you could seriously hurt yourself.

  • Gravity.

    Gravity is the age-old enemy of mankind. When felling a tree, it can affect you in one of two ways:

    • You might fall out of the tree. Don’t laugh – it happens to more people than you might expect, many of whom are being very careful when it does. And if you fall out, you stand a very good chance of a broken bone, sprained muscle, or even worse.
    • In addition to you falling out of a tree, the tree might also fall on you. Or one of your coworkers or family. Or your car, doghouse, mailbox, or bay window. Once a tree starts falling, there’s really no controlling where it goes. If you don’t plan properly, or something catches you off-guard, you might be unpleasantly surprised.

Tree Worx: Tree Removal You Can Rely On

In spite of what you might think, tree removal is much more dangerous than “just climbing a tree”. There are some real risks you might not be prepared for. In the event that you’re not a seasoned professional, do you really want to be taking chances?

For more great articles on tree removal, trimming, maintenance, and diseases, check out the Tree Worx blog, or get in touch with us to find out how we can help you, today!

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