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July 18, 2018
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When To Remove A Tree (Part 1)

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One of the hardest decisions you’ll make as a tree owner is choosing when to have it removed. We tend to invest a lot of effort and money into growing and maintaining trees, and coming to terms with the idea of tree removal can be difficult.

Unfortunately though, as with any living thing, there comes a time when a tree simply is not viable anymore. As part of an ongoing series of articles, today we’ll be looking at three signs you should invest in tree removal services.

Because sometimes the kindest thing you can do is to know when it’s time to pull the plug and start over.

Clear Signs of Infection

The most accessible sign you’re going to need to call in a tree removal service (or even do it yourself) is in the obvious signs of infection so common in trees.

Cracks and splits in the bark of your tree are the easiest to spot. Discolored leaves with odd shapes and soft or crumbly wood are also warning signs, as is the appearance of fungi.

Large, Dead Branches In The Crown

Trees are living entities and we should care for them, but the truth is parts of them often grow old and die off. When this happens, it’s not immediately a cause for concern all on its own.

However, when branches die off in big numbers, at a rate of say 50%, it’s an indication the tree itself is dying. At this point, you’ll want to consider removing it or at least bringing in a consultant to assess how long the tree has left before you’ll need to do something.

Your Tree’s Growth Has Slowed Over Time

When you’re concerned about the health of your tree, something active you can do is to try and gauge its health over a long period of time. Make notes on the health of your tree, both on its own and compared to the trees around it.

Things to look out for include thinned leaf coverage and discolored foliage, as well as worsening issues with infections, cuts, and cracks in the bark. You’ll also want to look out for root defects by heaving soil and fungi growth around the base of the tree.

Tree Removal: You’ve Got To Know The Signs

Trees take time and effort to grow. Often due to this, tree owners can be a little slow to have them removed, even with all the signs there. Hopefully, today’s breakdown goes some way toward making these easier for you to spot, in order for you to get on top of your tree removal before the situation gets much worse.

For more on these services, get in touch with us and discover professional tree removal in Volusia County, from Tree Worx, Florida.

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